Juniper Networks’ Security Acceleration Card Targets 5G Firewall Performance

Juniper Networks rolled out a new security acceleration card for its next-generation firewalls that will help service providers, cloud providers, and enterprises meet performance and security demands of multi-cloud, 5G, and IoT.

“Customers are seeing a really explosive growth in the need to support greater traffic in the form of streaming media mobile devices or IoT devices, not to mention the new requirements that mobile providers need for 5G networks,” said Amy James, senior director of security product marketing at Juniper Networks.

The SPC3 service processing card can provide up to an 11-fold performance boost to Juniper’s SRX5000 line of firewalls compared to the earlier version, the company claims. It is also more efficient and uses less power than the previous generation.

“Additionally, it’s a very modular design so these cards can be added without service interruptions,” James said.

Juniper’s Security Refresh

Juniper has been updating its security portfolio over the past couple years, and the new card is a key component of the security platform, James said. “We designed this based on customer input and what their emerging needs are — specifically on the 5G side mobile operators need this kind of performance and capacity.”

The company also recently added capabilities to the platform that automate policy management and include one-touch mitigation to respond to threats. Plus, Juniper more tightly integrated the analytics and remediation technology it acquired from Cyphort last year as part of a move to unify security products and capabilities into a single platform.

So far the refresh seems to be slowly paying off — at least on the security side of Juniper’s business. Despite posting disappointing quarterly results late last month, Juniper’s security business reached $79.5 million in revenue during the second quarter of 2018, growing 16 percent year over year and representing a third consecutive quarter of year-over-year growth.

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