Protect Against Current and Future Threats with The FortiGate Enterprise Security Bundle

Digital transformation (DX) is creating major opportunities for organizations. It is also increasing the complexity of the corporate network and complicating network security. Multi-cloud deployments and the Internet-of-Things (IoT) have expanded the attack surface, which has led IT teams to implement disparate and often isolated point solutions that often do not integrate with existing network or security infrastructures.

At the same time, IT and OT networks are merging, making compliance and risk management an even greater concern at many organizations. These efforts associated with DX have resulted in increased risk, exposure of critical resources to new threats, and increased business inefficiencies across the enterprise landscape.

The Expanding Attack Surface

As threats become more sophisticated, the challenges facing security personnel become more formidable. Take for example the findings of the FortiGuard Labs Threat Landscape Report from the third quarter of 2018. The FortiGuard Labs team detected close to 34,000 new malware variants – a 43% increase from the second quarter and a 129% increase over the first quarter. Zero-day attacks are becoming a more regular occurence, and 75% of the unknown malware detected by FortiSandbox was not found on the VirusTotal tool – which aggregates information from 50 different antivirus vendors.

As organizations attempt to respond to these new threat trends, they often inadvertently complicate security operations by contributing to their security sprawl. With the average enterprise managing close to 75 different—often siloed—security solutions, management overhead and manual work are increased.

Enterprise organizations must consolidate their security tools and services while simultaneously continuing to provide broad protection from the endpoint to the multi-cloud, across OT and critical infrastructures, and out to IoT and mobile products and platforms.

The Need for A Holistic Security Solution

The FortiGuard Enterprise Protection bundle is an inclusive, cost-effective solution that consolidates formerly separate tools and services to provide a unified set of fundamental security services. This bundle also offers three additional critical services not available with any other packages on the market:

  • The FortiCASB cloud access security broker service allows organizations to set up and maintain consistent security policies and governance across multi-cloud environments and common audit and compliance tools. This service helps ensure smooth operations, improved compliance, and high-performance security.
  • The FortiGuard Security Rating Service allows organizations to efficiently evaluate their current security posture against significant benchmarks – including security standards, scores from peer organizations, and internal business goals. This tool provides actionable information that can be used to prioritize patch management, improve system processes, and adjust configurations.
  • The Fortinet Industrial Security Service allows organizations to manage the security risks introduced through the convergence of their IT and OT networks. This tool updates signatures in real-time to identify and regulate the most common industrial control systems (ICS) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) protocols to provide detailed visibility and control to users. Additional vulnerability protection is offered for devices produced by the major ICS manufacturers.

These three critical services build on the complete set of foundational security services included in the Enterprise Protection bundle, combining advanced malware protection with the core security needed to address the evolving threat landscape.

Addressing Security Challenges with FortiGate’s Enterprise Bundle

The FortiGate Enterprise Protection bundle helps organizations combat many of the challenges posed by digital transformation, address the complexity of IT networks, and span across the expanding attack surface. It address additional challenges surrounding vulnerability management and the growing cybersecurity skills shortage.

The Enterprise Protection bundle is designed to address those needs and challenges that impact virtually every modern organization. Organizations that fit the following user profiles will benefit the most from the capabilities included the bundle:

  • Cloud-based platforms require the coordination of security services across multi-cloud environments and on-premises infrastructure. FortiCASB provides these organizations with granular visibility and centralized control of cloud security policies and practices.
  • IoT proliferation dramatically increases the number of endpoints that must be managed by IT personnel. The Enterprise Bundle provides advanced malware protection to secure these endpoints against known and unknown threats, and the Security Rating Service allows security leaders to better identify the best ways to optimize their defenses.
  • Connected OT exposes formerly unexposed operational technology systems to new cybersecurity risk. The Fortinet Industrial Security Service monitors ICS and SCADA systems and alerts security administrators to vulnerabilities in common protocols.
  • Compliance and risk management must be addressed to satisfy auditors and C-suite executives. The Security Rating Service equips enterprises with an instantaneous view of their security posture and associated IT risks. The service also provides recommendations about how to improve that posture.

By deploying the FortiGate Enterprise Protection bundle, organizations are equipped with the broad, integrated and automated protection of the Fortinet Security Fabric in a cost-effective and simplified format. Administrative complexity is reduced and customers benefit from real-time threat intelligence, advanced threat protection, and operational efficiency.

Final Thoughts

As digital transformation drives the complexity, speed, and likelihood of attack, a more comprehensive and holistic approach to security becomes a necessity. The FortiGate Enterprise Protection bundle provides a strategic, integrated approach to protecting today’s dynamic and distributed organizations from current and future cyberthreats.

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