CenturyLink fortifies businesses’ security with Managed Palo Alto Firewall

CenturyLink reported Tuesday that it has mixed Palo Alto Networks’ cutting edge firewalls into its Security Log Monitoring administration.

With advanced changes, and new administrations and applications, organize endpoints are multiplying for organizations, which implies there’s a requirement for enhanced firewalls to address the developing danger scene.

CenturyLink’s Security Log Monitoring (SLM) arrangement is a security checking, risk identification and episode reaction benefit intended to enable associations to address the regularly disregarded dangers inside their systems, from their premises and their cloud outstanding tasks at hand to their remote representatives,

as per CenturyLink’s Chris Smith, VP of worldwide security administrations, in an email to FierceTelecom.

In June, CenturyLink reported it had supported its Security Log Monitoring stage by mixing in machine learning and computerized reasoning.

SLM perceives several regular log source types, including those from VPNs, firewalls, databases, cloud foundation and servers, and it gives clients access to a strong library of cutting edge calculations to bolster significant danger insight with less false positives, Smith said.

“Security Log Monitoring, as our MSS (Managed Security Services) framework, is a virtual machine condition that gives advantages of low idleness provisioning and versatility,” said Smith. “CenturyLink’s Security Log Monitoring stage oversees and screens a differing set of Palo Alto Networks cutting edge firewalls with upgraded perceivability and danger knowledge abilities.”Managed Palo Alto firewalls offer a wide range of intrusion prevention systems throughput, from 610 Mbps to 20 Gbps, and support anti-virus, URL filtering, site-to-site and client VPNs, in addition to application awareness and user identification.”

The managed service includes a subscription to CenturyLink’s Security Log Monitoring service, as well as integration with its portal and mobile application.

Prior to Tuesday’s announcement, CenturyLink supported existing customers with Palo Alto Networks’ firewalls as log sources on SLM before launching it as a standard managed offering. In addition to Managed Palo Alto Firewall, which is available now, CenturyLink’s Managed Firewall Service also includes Cisco and Fortinet.

“What’s different about Managed Palo Alto Firewall is that it’s fully integrated with CenturyLink’s Security Log Monitoring service, which brings correlated threat intelligence, cloud security monitoring and rapid threat detection and response capabilities,” Smith said. “While we can’t share specific customer names, digital businesses want end-to-end visibility and control over securing their networks without putting additional strain on limited in-house resources, and CenturyLink’s Managed Palo Alto Firewall is one of many solutions we offer to help businesses address those needs.”

In addition to better security for digital businesses, there’s also more revenue to be gained by offering security as a managed service. According to IDC’s recent “Worldwide Semiannual Security Spending Guide,” managed security services will drive a compound annual growth rate of more than 18% for security services this year.