Gujshield Next Generation Firewall – Beyond UTM

Gujshield Next Generation Firewall – Beyond UTM GajShield Next Generation Firewall machines go route past current UTM firewall innovations, by utilizing industry’s most ground-breaking setting based profound parcel examination motor to group application traffic and give perceivability to basic SaaS application. GajShield’s Application channel gives continuous, Layer-7 arrangement of all system application traffic.

GajShield Next Generation Firewall appliances, are ICSALabs certified and come with a unique Context based Data Leak Prevention, Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), Cloud Security for Roaming users, BYOD for mobile device security and Application Filtering, GajShield next generation firewalls are industries leading innovators in data and network security. GajShield firewalls are easy to configure using its Object Oriented policy management which brings policy re-usability and inheritance.