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To stay flexible, organizations must support multiple types of end users across a variety of locations and access points, usually identified by IP addresses. However, IP addresses are no longer adequate proxies for identifying end users.

A user identity, as opposed to an IP address, is an integral component of a capable security infrastructure. Knowing exactly who is using applications on your network and if they’re transmitting threats or transferring files helps strengthen your security policies and reduce incident response times.

With User-ID™ technology, a standard feature of our next-generation firewalls, you’ll be able to take advantage of user information stored in a wide range of repositories – in ways IP addresses can’t – to increase your visibility as well as the quality of your policy control, logging and reporting.

Learn best practices for creating a user-based protection strategy. You’ll discover:

  • How User-ID enhances security with user information
  • Three critical steps for creating a user-based security policy
  • Tips to streamline next-generation firewall implementations